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In the maintenance of air compressor, the quality of the accessories is the most critical. The quality of the fittings is good or bad, which directly affects the operation of the unit. It is suggested that we choose the original plant or the stable quality factory. What is a factory?? a lot of people have doubts, the so-called factory, is the professional production of relevant accessories factory, the general air compressor factory is not production of these parts of their own parts, are from the professional production plant, put on their own trademarks, this is the original factory. The price of the original parts is slightly higher, and sometimes the dealer offers a high price. They are all at the head of the original factory, and the customers feel very miserable. Air compressor can not afford to buy, so please do not be too superstitious about the original factory parts, the quality of the fittings is the same. It is absolutely no problem to suggest that qualified customers choose the right service providers and adopt the factory maintenance they trust.
At the same time, a small number of small service providers are low prices, such accessories, please the majority of customers must be cautious, too low prices must be the extreme behind the quality, do not map for a while cheap, causing greater losses. For example, the same air filter, the original plant sold for 750 yuan, the factory price is about 550, many people sell 150-300 yuan. How can the quality be guaranteed? Customers can not see anything in their hands. That's right. The quality of the original factory is stable, the price is high, the quality of the factory is guaranteed, the price is reasonable, and the low price of the air filter is generally the empty filter of the car air filter or the small factory, which is not guaranteed at all. First of all, car air filtration, because the principle is different, the car air filtration does not need high dust volume and flow, as long as the filter precision can be achieved, so when the air compressor needs high flow equipment on the equipment, there is no problem. After a period of time, the volume of dust and flow can not reach the minimum requirement, the air compressor exhaust volume is reduced. With the increase of energy consumption, a large amount of dust enters the lubrication system, resulting in premature wear and failure of the unit.
In the same way, oil filtration is the same. Too low quality products do not guarantee quality, resulting in high temperature damage to the bearings and serious failure of the main engine.
Oil and gas separation core is the same, before a customer's unit often appear over current protection shutdown, how can not find the reason, finally found that the separation core plugging is serious, resulting in excessive internal pressure, the unit energy consumption rises. After the replacement of the parts, the problem is solved.
Finally, a brief account of the maintenance process:
1. to the customer unit site, start the machine to see whether the unit is running normally, after normal pre turn, stop the machine for maintenance.
2. shutdown, power cut, the first difficult and easy principle to start maintenance of the unit, take out all the needs to replace the accessories, compared to the size, confirm the same, start dismantling the unit screw replacement.
3. built in oil core, ensure that the cushion on the oil cover is cleaned up, add lubricating oil, put the oil separating core, change the oil cover and diagonal screw.
4. oil filter must be tightened with oil filter wrench to ensure no dripping and oil leakage.
5. wipe the air filter case quickly, place clean air filter and tighten.
6. make sure that the left and right screws are tightened and check them again.
7. turn on the electricity, start the test run, observe the oil level, the pipeline interface, whether there is leakage gas leakage phenomenon.
8. the whole trial run for 10-20 minutes, ensure that the unit is normal, clean up the oil and accessories after leaving.

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